Almost 90% of women have a problem with cellulite, which is not a problem of weight. Almost all people have cellulite; it’s just that they have smaller amounts, so we don’t notice it. Cellulite is actually a lump or package of fat that shows up on the surface by pushing through the layers of fibers. Many women want to remove this unwanted fat, so they undergo to the different treatments. We will write about the three effective methods that gave positive results in the shortest possible time.

Cellulaze – The first FDA approved treatment for cellulite

A small laser tube goes under the skin of a patient and as the laser heats up, it melts the lumps of fat and softens the tissue. This method is very effective but it costs a lot. Just a one treatment can cost up to $6,000 –  the price range actually depends on the scale of area that is being treated.

High energy radial shockwaves – Zwave treatment

This is one of the newest methods for treating the cellulite and it is less expensive than the previous one. The radial shockwaves of high energy affect the cellulite area, which leads to the issue breakdown and then to a collapse in the gas bubbles inside the fat. Zwave treatment is multi-session treatment, but after 6 or 7 treatments, you could lose pretty much large amount of cellulite. Just for the record – one treatment costs $350.

Vanquish method – radiofrequency treatment

Radiofrequency energy is aimed to the cellulite area which destroys the pockets of cellulite without damaging your skin, tissue of muscles in any way. The Vanqish device is aimed at the targeted area but the device is not touching the body. It is the safest type of treatment.

radiofrequency treatment

This treatment if usually combined with Zwave method to achieve the best possible results. If you decide to go with this treatment, don’t be surprised in case you feel a slightly warm feeling – it is just the heating of the device that melts the fat. A 30-minute session will cost you anywhere from $500 to $800.


It is the method that is originally developed in Europe for treating inflammatory skin conditions. You get the injections which cointain viamins, minerals or enzymes directly into your tissue below the skin.

This method is the least safe since it can produce negative side effects like swelling or infection due to the intolerance to the needles.